Braxton Lidaywa

About Me

I live in Macomb Illinois and attend Macomb High School. I live with my dad (Victor), mom (Lora), brother (Bryson), and sister (Brixley). Some of my hobbies include video games (which I take very competitively), soccer, and buying shoes. While I am in the CEO program, I hope to attain some knowledge on how businesses are run financially. I also want to gain important skills that we will need in the adult life such as speaking in front of audiences and how to talk 1-on-1 with someone in a professional manner. These little things will add up to make my big dream an acquirable goal as I’ll have been able to use our community's business knowledge and collectively add it up into one ball of knowledge. This is the power that I look forward to attaining in CEO later on. 

About My Business