Claire Rhoads

About Me

My name is Claire Rhoads and I am a junior at Macomb High School this year. I am invloved in National Honor Society, Thespians, and I play softball both in and outside of school. Outside of school I work at a boutique in Macomb as well as babysit, and petsit for multiple people. I am so excited for the year to come and what CEO has to offer! I am extremely proud to be a part of the 2023 CEO class and can't wait to create my own business!






DISC Characteristics

  • Likes to take a more mild-mannered and measured hand in dealing with others.
  • Presents in a poised manner to both small or large groups of people.
  • Even in the midst of chaos or high tensions, is usually very cool, calm, and serene (or at least is perceived as such on the outside).
  • Known as an accurate fact-finder by others.