Adrianna Swanson

About Me

Hello I am Adrianna Swanson. I am a junior at Bushnell Prarie City High School. I love to sew and after I take a gap year from schooling I hope to go to Illinois State University in the clothing design program. I am also in drama working on hair and makeup along with costumes. My biggest insperation is my grandmother - her name is Ruth Dennis and she works as a nurse. She inspires me because she makes sure everyone has a family and she is just such a giving soul, she makes sure everyone can know the sky is the limit and it's ok to be a kid somethimes. I really love music, it is calming and can help many. I used to sing in chior. I am really excited for this CEO year because I will experience so much stuff I would have never thought possible. The year we will have together will truly change all of us in good ways and make us better for the future.

About My Business

A'scent Perfumery is a perfume maker based in Bushnell, IL that makes high quality perfumes that are sweet and not too strong. If you want to contact them find them on Facebook at A'scent Perfumery.